Aboriginal Insurance Services

Causeway General Insurance is a proud partner with Aboriginal Insurance Services.
Causeway General Insurance working directly with Indigenous people, we understand the unique cultural differences within Indigenous communities and offer customized and unique solutions. Every one of our products and services has been developed in consultation with Indigenous people across Canada, and each of our brokers specializes in providing insurance services to Indigenous communities and enterprises. Our extensive portfolio of Risk Assessment and Risk Management products is not available anywhere else.

With Causeway and AIS, you're not just a client, you're a partner.
At Causeway Insurance, our Risk Management experts will help assess the potential risks you face and assist you to develop a plan of action to protect you if or when these risks do occur. We specialize in Indigenous businesses, organizations, and communities and custom tailor our work to the uniqueness of each location.

Insurance Programs:

  • Business Insurance
  • Burial Insurance
  • Community Asset and Liability
  • Community Services (Friendship Centre)Homeowner Insurance
  • Marine (Commercial)
  • Trustees Program

We offer more than just insurance. Our certified experts work directly within each community to provide education and training on a wide range of topics and services.

Legal Expense Insurance Program

For First Nations to pursue their legal rights and remedies in a timely manner and on a level playing field with Canada, it is essential that access to appropriate funding be made available. For that funding to be available, legitimate security issues have to be addressed, specifically assurances that if the claim is not successful the loan will still be repaid.

There are numerous benefits to obtaining a Legal Expense Insurance Policy

  • Chief and Council are no longer affected by inadequate funding by the Specific Claims Branch
  • Chief and Council now have the flexibility to select independent counsel
  • Chief and Council will have a line of credit to pay a substantial portion of the legal fees as they are being incurred which will allow for a more competitive CFA
  • Chief and Council would have the ability to obtain the best researchers, experts, reports, etc. to advance the negotiations
  • Chief and Council pay a onetime insurance premium that can be paid by the line of credit
  • Chief and Council are assured that the Legal Expense Insurance Company will not participate in the settlement of the litigation

And more importantly ensures that the claim is being pursued aggressively and on the First Nations timetable.

Environmental Cleaning Program (including Mould Remediation)

The Environmental Cleaning Program (ECP) uses an environmentally friendly disinfecting solution that works against antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and mildew. This product is also very effective against the germs and bacteria that cause colds, flu, and other health risks. Where traditional remediation could leave a home or business closed up for weeks or even months, this patented program can take as little as a few hours. The ECP course will educate, train, and certify members of Indigenous communities in the proper techniques of environmental cleaning to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and mould in community buildings, houses, and public use facilities.

Risk Management Services
Helping Indigenous businesses, organizations, and communities understand the hazards and risks they may face.

Customized Programs
All of our programs, products, and services are custom tailored to meet the unique business and cultural needs of our clients.

Training and Developoment
Our certified experts work directly within each community to provide education and training on a wide range of topics and services.

Legal Expense Insurance
Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) gives Aboriginal peoples and communities access to legal advice and coverage for the legal costs of defending or pursuing certain legal actions, including land claims. Legal Expense Insurance is intended to cover the legal fees, research costs, expert witnesses, the conduct of a trial and appeals, and other related expenses. It will also cover the cost of insurance premiums for the policy itself, which the Aboriginal community would not normally be able to afford.

To discuss your insurance needs please contact John Homer CAIB (807) 274-6688 or john@causewayinsurancebrokers.com

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